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The DZLM develops a broad range of offers for different target groups (see below). You can directly jump to all our offers and search with filter possibilities (type of offer, PD topic, etc.). Alternatively, you can find out more about our PD topics with the respective offers. Please note that all offers are in German. 


Target group: PD facilitators searching for ready-to-use PD materials for their PD course.

Target groups: Teachers and PD facilitators searching for information, classroom materials and respective PD materials on our (autodidactic) platforms.

Target groups: Teachers, PD facilitators and persons responsible for teacher PD courses and facilitator preparations depending on the focus of the meeting.

Target group: Responsible persons, i.e. from state institutes,  who want to prepare PD facilitators. 

Target group: (Future) PD facilitators who want to expand and deepen their PD competencies.


Target group: Persons responsible for PD, i. e. in state institutes, who want to conduct a teacher PD course. 

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